How We Started?

An innovative Web and Mobile Application Development Agency founded by a team of Full Stack Developers, Designers and a Business Advisor believing that applications should be simplified.

In 2020, Averps ventured into South East Asia and made Singapore its headquarter to focus on designing and developing complex custom applications. To-date, we have taken on and successfully completed a wide range of web applications from different industries.

Past projects include custom built Learning Management System, Enterprise Resource System, Virtual Run Application, Marketplace Mobile Application and many more. We are able to customise any system based on your requirements. Whether it is to increase customer outreach and engagements or to manage your workflows and processes, we help to reduce time spent on manual tasks to expand your business.

We have assembled a team of top-notch web developers and designers in Singapore and the United Kingdom to cope with the surge demand for custom applications.

Why Us?

Averps is an agency equipped with imaginative yet technical thinking which is brought to life through web applications that we develop for you. Not only do we effectively captivate your customers, we also prove that our solutions and applications are kept up to date with the latest technology.

Many companies seek to improve efficiency in their organisation or look for innovative ways to drive revenue to business. As the world shifts to a digital age, many companies get left behind if they do not embrace innovation.

Especially during the pandemic, businesses who have not gone on the technological bandwagon struggle to work from home or engage with their customers. Capitalize and take advantage of what technology has to offer, we can make your ideas come to life through web or mobile applications.
One-Stop Solution
All completed projects include a 6-month warranty on bugs related issues and 1-year basic shared hosting. We provide a competitive web and applications maintenance package to support clients who prefer handsfree management.
Top-Notch Software Development Team
Multi-faceted team of full stack developers, UI/UX designers, programmers and tester. We have completed projects for various industries with challenging requirements and experienced in building solutions to increase customer engagement or to automate manual processes.
Cost efficient and ROI Driven
Developing an application internally is a long and tedious process especially with an inexperienced team. Often, the team will abandon the project entirely after unsuccessful attempts, wasting time and resources from starting it internally.
Ease of Communication
Dedicated Project Manager and workflow management system to have live updates on your development progress. Clients are able to access and input their requirement or changes needed on the management system via their desktop or mobile phone 24/7.
Fastest Implementation
We pride ourselves to be the fastest development agency in Singapore, we are able to complete a project within 3 to 6 months depending on its complexity, and after confirmation of the final exact requirements and designs approval.
Global Experience Locally
We have clients from various parts of the world, insights and advise we have garnered from our experiences from past projects and dealing with a project management team that understands the local needs.

Our Process

Custom Mobile Application


Discovery & Scoping
We will start of with a consultation to scope your requirements. We gather what you want to achieve with the new system, the needs of your users and the existing systems that you would like to integrate. We will require a user flow map and functionality scope.


Proposal & Acceptance
We will do up a proposal based on the scoping documentation detailing all the functions and features of individual modules.


Design UI/UX
Our UI/UX designer will create page by page to ensure optimal user experience. Any changes please let us know during this stage before development starts.


An interactive prototype will be created based on the design and you can make comments for fine-tuning.


Our full stack developers will take over and start coding. Designs will start take form and function. Front end, back end development and 3rd party integrations will take place. We will give updates for testing during this period. You will be able to test your system in a sandbox environment


User Acceptance Testing
We will perform a final round of internal quality assurance testing before handing over to your users to run a UAT. Any bugs reported during the UAT will be reported and debugging will take place.


App Store Submission
During this phase, we will submit to app store and the application will be subjected to app store’s approval. This may take several weeks, we may have to adjust the app accordingly to be able to adhere to the app store’s guidelines.


Warranty & Maintenance
System training will be conducted and a documentation guide on how to use the system will be provided. We will perform system maintenance and software updates to respond to market changes on a contractual basis.

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